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Fundraising - November 2017

Fundraising is an essential part of any successful SkillsUSA chapter. It is especially important to start fundraising as early as possible so that you are not coming up to an event without the necessary funds to succeed. Equally, if not more important than fundraising is getting the word out about the benefit of the fundraiser, and what the funds will be supporting. If the fundraiser is for the organization itself, explain what SkillsUSA is and what types of things that are involved with the organization. If the fundraiser is for an upcoming event or competition, explain the benefits and rewards of the event/competition and what it will do for the success of the organization. Some of the best forms of reaching out for fundraisers are face-to-face interaction, or email communication.

There are many different ways to raise funds such as raffles, services or collecting donations. Raffles and providing services are good ways to effectively raise funds, as the people who donate receive something in return for their investment. Donations are a simple way to fundraise also, as you can set one up at an open house or competition that is open to the public. As a matter of fact, many businesses have fundraising programs that are easy to join and help get the word out! Many establishments are willing to create dates in which a percentage of sales apply to SkillsUSA Idaho.

Becoming a State Officer - December 2017

Becoming a State Officer is no easy task and is not for everyone. But do not let that scare you off!

By becoming a State Officer for SkillsUSA, you will not only improve your leadership skills, but you will also create new bonds with different people from your State and from across the country!

To begin the process of becoming a State Officer for SkillsUSA Idaho, you will first need to fill out the normal paperwork to join a competition or to be a "Delegate". After that, another packet will be sent to your advisor which includes all information you will need to remember, such as the SkillsUSA pledge, the SkillsUSA motto, the SkillsUSA colors and what they stand for, among other important information.

If you would like to be more involved in the decision making processes for SkillsUSA Idaho, make sure that you are prepared for the occasional sleepless nights that come with it!

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